Culinary Experience

Decadent Flavors. Unparalleled Taste. Uncompromising Quality.

Weddings are a celebration realized by all your senses. At Cabo Azul Resort, the sights of our amazingly unique resort will certainly impress, the ever-present melodic pounding surf of the Sea of Cortez will leave your ears yearning for more, and the smell of the clean, refreshing breeze will mesmerize you. But nothing will spur your senses into overdrive more than the creative feasts prepared by our experienced Food and Beverage team.

Selecting only the finest, freshest ingredients, we’ll work with you to carefully plan all your wedding food and beverage needs. And, while our professional staff is more than willing and able to accommodate your every menu wish, here’s a sample of just a few of our offerings. Brace yourself. Your palate is in for a real treat.

Sample Menu